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Dated: 05/02/2017

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Trendy Tuesday! Check out the trends that will be popular this year in the article below. You may already have some of them now or you can add some of them to your wishlist!#JPTeam#trendytuesday#kw#realestate 912.656.3203

1. The Open Concept

We may have moved into another year, but you can bet your bottom dollar that the open-concept floorplan is still here to stay.

2. Walk-In Showers

Speaking of “open concepts”, people are definitely preferring walk-in showers to things like combination shower and tub

3. Energy Efficient Windows

Energy efficiency is a bigger thing these days, which is why every homeowners is scrambling for the most energy efficient windows.

4. Copper Gutters

On the exterior, people are looking to keep things classy, which is why you’re seeing things like copper gutters with more regularity.

5. Wainscoting

On the inside of homes, there’s nothing that adds that touch of luxuriousness quite like wainscoting does.

. Built-In Home Offices

People are cyber-commuting more and more, which is why gorgeous built-in home offices are definitely in-vogue.

7. Paving Stone Walkways

You want to make a statement when people are walking up to your home; paving stone walkways can do just that!


8. Outdoor Kitchens

Forget about outdoor grill areas! It’s time to embrace the idea of having a fully-functional outdoor kitchen.


9. Outdoor Bars

Likewise, if you’re a person that prefers to entertain outdoors, then there’s no reason not to build that outdoor bar.

10. Fire Pits

And, after you’re good and full and have had a few cocktails, who doesn’t want to retire next to a fire pit?

12. Sunken Living Rooms

All things once cool but now not will become cool again. Just ask the people who are installing sunken living rooms in their new homes.

13. Picture Windows

Natural light is key in any home, which is why large picture windows are definitely the preference these days.

14. Incredible Mudrooms

For families, having a mudroom that really serves as a connection point for the whole family can really be a wonder.

15. Elevators

With parents moving back in with their children more often these days, many homeowners are choosing to install elevators.

16. Barn Doors

Particularly in master bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, you’re likely to see the barn door in a big way.

17. Electric Car Charging Stations

Electric cars aren’t going anywhere and could in fact become much more common in the coming years; maybe get ahead of the trend?

18. Iron and Glass Doors

Rather than having the solid on-color front door, some homeowners are going for iron and glass doors.

19. Dutch Doors

In addition, we’re also seeing a big uptick in the number of people who are having Dutch doors installed as their front doors.

20. Contemporary Backyards

Finally, people really want their outdoor living spaces to feel like living spaces. This is why we’re seeing more backyards that feature contemporary elements and landscaping.

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