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As a Buyer's Specialist one of my jobs is in managing expectations, and that is quite similar to herding adhd cats.  Sounds easy but is not.  How do you tell a newly married couple that they are not going to be able to afford that historic house in Guyton, or the downtown Savannah condo that a couple has been admiring for months is out of their price range? You don't.  
Expectations are just dreams given a specific form.  And I say never give up on your dreams, but understand the work that it is going to take to move into that "dream" house.  You should expect the best, but understand that when we say "best", we mean best you can afford. 
With that being said, don't let a dime trip up a dollar and keep you from buying that "less than perfect house."  
Staying with yesterday's topic I can not express how important it is to get a good lender and to have your finical basket ready when you go to buy a house.  As Michael Caputo from Starkey Mortgages told me,"The upside to managing expectations, is sometimes you get to tell them they can afford more than what they want, and that makes it all worth while."
Yes it does Michael, yes it does.
Your perfect house in Pooler and Rincon is out there, let me help you find it.
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Jeri Patrick

In today’s complex and difficult real estate market you need a professionals who will do whatever it takes to market and sell your home. Jeri Patrick has a team with an established history of succes....

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