Brittany Maynard Takes Her Own Life

Dated: 11/03/2014

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My question to you is: How important are material possessions and beauty? Brittany Maynard was terminally ill. She suffered from brain cancer. Brittany was a world traveler She did scuba diving in exotic locations as well as kayaking and other nature activities. She had a supportive family, loving husband, wealth and many other good things to enjoy. Brittany had the oh so coveted beauty but the side effects of the medicine caused weight gain and swelling, robbing her of some of her youthful appearance. With all of these wonderful things, this young woman was critically ill and there was nothing she could do to change this. She suffered seizures, head and neck pain and other stoke-like symptoms. Brittany decided that she would take control and end her life on her own terms with physician assisted suicide. She and her husband move away from California into the state of Oregon so that this was a legal option for her. She ended her life on Saturday, November 1st.  What are your thoughts about physician assisted suicide? Does finding out about a critical disease make you assess your priorities in life? This is much to think about.
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